Trigger Bell

The best and safest bike bell for all bikes

Ring YOUR BIKE BELL while braking and remaining in complete control

Ring Trigger Bell without compromising your own safety as there is no need to loosen your grip or to choose between braking and ringing.

The safest bike bell fits on the rubber grip of all bikes and scooters, so now’s the time to make yourself and other road users safer.

See the pictures below for how you can ring your Trigger Bell while braking.

Flat bars

Ringing The Safest Bike Bell, Trigger Bell v6, On Flat Bars

Drop bars

Ringing The Safest Bike Bell, Trigger Bell v6, On Drop Bars

The Trigger Bell bike bell is so well thought out and nicely executed that I think it would be my first choice of bell for most bikes

Happy Cyclists With Safer Bike Bells on Suburban Street
Metres sooner

Cycling at just 10mph, you can ring up to 5 metres sooner than a traditional bell, keeping you safer. The patented, under handlebar position, means 9 out of every 10 cyclists say Trigger Bell is safer to use than a traditional bell.

Trigger Bell was literally a life-saver, being able to use my bell and hit hard on the brakes I was able to avoid an accident.

Bell Rings Per Second

The Trigger Bell position allows you to ring up to 5 times per second while braking and staying in complete control. Trigger Bell’s trigger is always within easy reach of your thumb, making it very quick and safe to ring.

Happy Cyclists With Safer Bike Bells on Road Bikes

Watch the Trigger Bell bike bell in action

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Bike Bell Reviews

Calibre Magazine
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All-in-all, it’s a very clever piece of design and one I highly recommend.
Evening Standard
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This little wonder (bike bell) has been designed so it can be used quickly while braking, turning and changing gear.
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It’s really quite awesome… and can easily ding it with my thumb without lifting my hand from the hoods. This is crucial when riding on trails.
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9/10. Well designed and works on almost any bike – if you want a small but useful bell, look no further than this.
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Always within reach and nice sounding, the Trigger Bell will suit drop bar users better than a standard model.

Bike Bell Feedback

Trigger bell fits on all bikes including racing, mountain, reclining, electric and touring

Safer Cycling On Any Bike

Trigger Bell fits directly on the handlebar grip of all bikes including mountain bikes, city bikes, racing bikes (on drops and hoods), electric bikes and foldables.

Examples of fitted Trigger Bells

Bike Bell Features


Beautiful brass bell


Flexible strap


Industrial strength spring


Small size

Compact at only 3.9 cm long x 3.3 cm wide x 2.5 cm tall (1.5″ x 1.3″ x 1″) and weighs only 23 grams (0.8oz)

Fits handlebars between 20mm and 48mm (0.8″ to 1.9″) in diameter, or elliptical handlebars with a maximum circumference of 150mm (5.9″)

Can be replaced with standard 7.6mm x 200mm (0.3″ x 8″) releasable cable tie (or other length as required). Example here. Instructions below

The bike bell trigger has been tested to over 50,000 rings and still going strong

High quality brass is used for a warmer, longer and clearer tone than cheaper aluminium bells

Fit bell in 60 seconds

Easily fitted in only 60 seconds. Includes a spare, reusable cable tie and rubber pad to ensure a secure fit.

5 year warranty

100% satisfaction guarantee. Your Trigger Bell is made in Britain and is built to last. If you encounter any issues in the first 5 years we’ll refund it or replace it free of charge.