The Trigger Bell journey

Trigger Bell came to life after I was in an accident with a car, when I had to swerve my bike to avoid a pedestrian who had stepped into the road without looking. Too late I realised that I couldn’t safely ping my bike bell to warn the pedestrian without losing grip of my handlebar and control of my bike. To ping my bike bell, I had to look down and take my eyes off the road just to find it and I had to relax the grip on my handlebars (in fact move one hand entirely off the handlebar) in order to ping it. This was a major issue. I spoke with dozens of cyclists across London and found that this was a huge problem. After months of research it was clear that bike bells hadn’t developed beyond cosmetic improvements for over 100 years. This had to change, so I designed Trigger Bell to make cyclists safer. Traditional bike bells can be moved around a little but always need some thumb acrobatics to ping. Trigger Bell is the only bike bell designed that you can ping comfortably while braking and keeping full control of your bike. Here’s more background from our time with the great team at Bike Biz:

We had amazing support from a thousand backers for our Kickstarter campaign and shipped Trigger Bells to more than 30 countries. This helped to put Trigger Bell into full production and we now ship Trigger Bells worldwide direct from